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Guns 411

Ammo Size Chart

by admin

There are so many kinds of ammo out there today it can be hard to keep track. If you are looking for your first gun, or maybe just something to add to the collection, we wanted to share with...

Kim Kardashian Shoots Beretta Shotguns?

by admin

When you think of Beretta shotguns Kim Kardashian is probably not going to be the first name that comes to mind, but the reality star sex symbol went skeet shooting on a recent family vacation and shared a photo...

Don’t Text and Shoot Machine Guns?

by Harrison

Social networking and texting have become a quick, easy, and addictive form of communication. We know not to text and drive, but what about “Don’t text and shoot machine guns in a truck going 80mph during war!” I honestly...

Romney: Gun Control is NOT the Answer

by Harrison

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney spoke on gun control issues yesterday in response to the recent shooting in Texas. “Thoughtful consideration should be given to end gun violence. This is not a matter of the weapon that’s used. It’s...

HEALTH ALERT: Gun Flu 2-A Symptoms Include Paranoid Binge Drinking & Driving

by Harrison

I guess it was only a matter of time before the anti-gun folks started in on the “disease” strategy to instill even more fear into the uneducated. Yep, here is the link where public health experts are saying gun...

Tac Bac: It’s Tactical Bacon in a Can Baby!!

by admin

What is Tac Bac: Tactical Bacon? It’s Heaven in an apocalyptic SHTF can of delicious baby! Tac Bac: Tactical Bacon If you are you looking for that perfect prepper food item, a way to stay nourished while fighting off...

Weatherby PA-08 is a Beautiful Shotgun at a Beautiful Price

by admin

There is something amazing about the simplicity of a pump action shotgun. They are reliable workhorses that are extremely dependable for home defense, hunting, and hitting those rapidly fired clay targets! Today we will be sharing the Weatherby PA-08,...

D.C. Mayor Says Gun Education is Irresponsible?

by Harrison

It appears that gun education, gun safety, and the Bill of Rights are offensive to Washington D. C. Mayor Vincent Gray. The National Outdoor Shooting Foundation recently put up a billboard in downtown D.C. to promote gun education and...

The Gun Spin-Fest of Fear Visits Ohio via the LA Times

by Harrison

This week we had an arrest of a man names Scott A Smith who entered an Ohio movie theater with a packed bag containing a Glock 9mm, a couple of extra magazines, and a few knives to a showing...

Gun Carrying Grandma Not Afraid of a F—ing Thing!

by admin

We wanted to share with you this great article about a gun carrying Grandma in Minnesota who is a Second Amendment role model for us all. Story from a Minnesota State Trooper: I made a traffic stop on an...

Top 5 Guns of All-Time (that you can own without breaking the bank)

by admin

Anytime you create a “best of” list it is going to be controversial, and we are sure our Top 5 Guns of All-Time (that you can own without breaking the bank) is going to be no different. So let’s...

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