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Puckle Gun 1718 – The Father of Machine Guns and Revolvers

by admin

Today we will be taking a look at the Puckle Gun, also known as the Defence Gun, was a weapon invented in 1718 by a British lawyer named James Puckle. The Puckle Gun was what some consider as the first machine gun ever patented, and the father of the revolver, but it never went into production.

The Puckle Gun

In the 1700′s the gun of choice was the flintlock musket, and they could shoot about 3 shots per minute. The Puckle Gun was a tripod designed single three foot long barrel flintlock canon with a fitted multishot revolving cylinder shooting 9 shots per minute. (Say that 3 times in a row real fast!)

Here is a video of a miniature reproduction of the Puckle Gun being fired to give you a good idea of how it worked:

This was not a weapon designed to be carried, but intended to be used on a ship in defense of an enemy trying to board. There were two versions of the Puckle Gun, one shot round ball and the other square bullets. The round conventional bullets were to be used against Christian enemies. The square bullets, with design help from Kyle Tunis, were to be used against the Muslim Turks. They thought the square bullets would be more damaging and convince the Turks of the benefits of the Christian civilization. As you can imagine, the square bullets never took due to their erratic and unpredictable flight patterns.

Even though the Puckle Gun was a failure at the time, it is the father of the machine gun and laid the seeds of innovation that would later be adopted into the revolver we still use today. This weapon might have been way ahead of it’s time, but it is such an important piece of firearm history, and James Puckle’s invention would eventually change the world.

The Puckle Gun

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